Editors 2020-2021


undefinedMilo is interested in the use of monetary and fiscal policy to combat recessions as well as behavioural economics and nudge theory. He is the secretary of the Keynes (Economics) society and the editor of the school magazine The Chronicle. He is also a keen dinghy sailor.

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undefinedEdward has a keen interest in monetary and fiscal policy, as well as in financial economics. In addition to being Editor in Chief of Etonomics, he also explores his passion for economics and finance through his positions as Secretary of Keynes Society for economics and as Chairman of the Eton College Holyport College Investment Club.

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Joseph is particularly interested in the relationship between finance and economics, but also enjoys learning about behavioural and development theory. He is on the committee of Keynes Society and a member of the Investment Club. He also enjoys Spanish and is a keen rugby player.
undefinedKavish is interested in data analytics and its application in a professional sport and business context. He has also been involved in the school’s Entrepreneurial and Keynes (Economics) Societies and is an avid squash player.
undefinedHarvey is interested in financial economics and econometrics, as well as applications of mathematics such as in game theory or optimisation problems. He is also keen on behavioural economics, and how non-rational behaviours are driven by various intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Outside of economics Harvey is a pianist and enthusiastic cross country runner.
Jeremy is interested in the issue of inequality as well as Game Theory, and its application in the real world with Experimental economics. He is also involved in the Keynes Society and is a committed swimmer.

Political Editors

Garry researches the evolutionary political economy, is on the Keynes and Political Society Committees, is an Entrepreneurship Society Secretary and the Smith Interdisciplinary Society founding Secretary. He is a student member of the Institute for New Economic Thinking and Fellow of the International Institute for Strategic Leadership. He is also a keen football (soccer) player. 
Max is interested in International Relations and comparative politics, but also likes analysing and writing about public policy. He is the secretary of the Political Society and the Lead Writer of the school magazine The Chronicle

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