Editors 2021-2022


Inspired by the likes of Alvin Roth, Chenyang believes in the power of economics as a force for good. He is interested in development economics and game theory, particularly in the use of econometrics to optimise sustainability and societal well-being. Chenyang is also Chief Editor of Eton’s science journal, The Scientific Etonian.

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John Chang's Profile PhotoJohn is interested in behavioural economics, monetary theory, and the development of emerging market economies. In addition to writing stock reports for the Eton College Holyport College Investment Club, he is an avid debater and fencer.

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Lead Editors

Rohan is the Lead Designer and is interested in behavioural and developmental economics to understand how economic theories can be applied in real life. He is a member of the Eton College & Holyport College Investment Club and is on the committee of the school’s debate team.
Tristan is the Lead Content Editor and is interested in how economics is applied to solve problems such as inequality and climate change as well as the roles of the markets and the state in doing so. He also enjoys photography, and is a keen rugby and hockey player.


Aaryan Haria's Profile Photo Aaryan co-runs the Etonomics podcast. He is especially interested in the relationship between economics and finance, particularly how monetary and fiscal policy are used to address topical economic challenges. He explores his passion for economics as a committee member of the Keynes Society and Entrepreneurship Society.
Ollie is also in charge of the Etonomics podcast. He is particularly interested in financial economics and entrepreneurship. In addition to this, he enjoys learning about specific businesses, their successes along with their failures as well as analysing different and interesting market situations.
Felipe Dreesman's Profile PhotoFelipe is highly interested in financial technology and the way in which economic policies pertain to a wider world context. He is also keen on learning about international relations and political theory, and is a committee member of the Global Society.
Vimal is interested in policies which tackle economic inequality as well as developmental economics. In his free time, he enjoys reading books by authors such as Banerjee and Duflo or Stiglitz, and is a member of the Investment Club. He also has a passion for languages and likes to row.
Faris Lovejoy's Profile Photo
Faris is fascinated with economics’ ability to describe society and its mechanisms. He is interested in a wide variety of economics ranging from econometrics to understanding the historical development of nations. He is also a member of the Keynes and the Political society. Outside of economics, Faris enjoys sailing and is an enthusiastic hockey player.
Ludlow is particularly interested in environmental and behavioural economics and how they can be applied to sustainable development and solving climate change. He is on the committee of the Photographic Society. He also enjoys playing the bagpipes and electric guitar, and is a keen football player.

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