Editors 2019-2020


Trevor is interested in monetary and development economics, especially in the use of mathematical models to optimise policy making. In addition to running the Keynes (economics), Wotton’s (philosophy) and debating societies, he is also the editor-in-chief of the Axiom (mathematics), Etonomics (economics) and Spectrum (academic) magazines.

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Calum’s primary focus lies in the fields of public economics, with a specific interest in recessionary recoveries. He is also an avid actor and enjoys volunteering in community engagement projects.

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Ollie is interested in developmental economics and behavioural economics versus rational expectations, particularly with regards to the implementation of policy. He enjoys sport and acting.

Ben enjoys behavioural economics, as well as how economics crosses with different areas of computer science and technology and its wider application through society. He is also a keen footballer.

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