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Founded in 2017, Etonomics is a student-run publication, focused on bringing out the latest and best in the world of economics. With articles ranging from The Economics of the NFL to Lessons from Austerity, we publish a wide range of content to inform and entertain, including a weekly news briefing to keep you up to date with the latest events.

We have recently launched a new podcast, showcasing our most popular articles in audio form. You can find us on Spotify, Anchor, and Google Podcasts.

Our mission

Economics is everywhere in daily life. Whether you’re buying something, getting a loan, or voting in an election, economics can help you to navigate the multitude of personal and social decisions over a lifetime. It offers a different perspective on the greatest issues of our time, and might even help to address them. The ultimate goal of economic science is to improve the human condition, alleviating scarcity and providing enough for all. For instance, increasing what economists call gross domestic product isn’t just a numbers game: higher incomes mean better food, warm houses, and education for children. It means clean drinking water and inoculations against the perennial plagues of humanity.

We aim to offer you a glimpse into this fascinating world, providing you with the tools for your journey into economics. By exploring this vast library of ideas, we hope to break down the barriers of economic jargon before re-sculpting them into a lucid and digestible form. These are then further refined by our editing teams; only then are they presented to the world. Our articles are designed to stimulate thought and debate, whilst illustrating an accurate and impartial picture.

Our history

Etonomics was founded by pioneering students who hoped to cast light onto the fundamental issues of today. In doing so, they established this unique platform for connecting students to audiences across the world.

Each editing team continues their legacy. In 2021, we published a record number of articles and announced a new feature: Chart of the Month. Featuring a relevant and original topic, each chart comes with a short one-minute read to explain its key features, perfect for those who prefer shorter articles.

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