Editors 2022-2023


Rob’s interest for economics mostly revolves around fiscal relations between China and the USA, as well as more general monetary and budgetary policies in the UK. He is also a secretary of the Keynes (economics) Society and a passionate rugby player.

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Philip is particularly interested in development economics and finance in emerging markets. Philip is also Chairman of the Eton College and Holyport College Investment Club, and has a strong interest in history, leading the school’s History Society.
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Lead Editors

Charlie is the Lead Design Editor and is specifically interested in how the development of technology is currently driving economic growth around the globe. He also enjoys long distance running and is a keen footballer.

Lucas is a Lead Content Editor and is particularly interested in the economics of football, as well as education economics. He is also fascinated by game theory and its use in understanding oligopoly firm behaviour. He is also an editor for Eton’s mathematics journal, 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘈𝘹𝘪𝘰𝘮, and an avid musician.

Marco is a Lead Content Editor and is particularly interested in how behavioural and developmental economics can be applied to solve global issues.  Beyond this, he has a passion for finance and international relations, taking on roles as CFO of the Eton College Investment Club and an Economic Affairs delegate of Eton Model United Nations.


Will is interested in behavioural economics and the effects of economic globalisation – having lived in 3 continents. In addition to being a member of the Eton College & Holyport College Investment Club and a Secretary of Keynes (economics) Society, he is a keen hockey and rugby player.

Jamie is interested in the practicality and application of Economics with behavioural economics a favourite topic. Having grown up in Japan, he is particularly interested in Far Eastern economies and has researched on topics such as Abenomics, Chinese FDI, and the market of renewables in Taiwan and Japan.

Torsai is interested in financial markets, development economics, and how the rise of sustainable investment can contribute to a greener future of urban economic growth. He also enjoys investing in his portfolio and is a keen rower and chess player. 

Nick is especially interested in the economic strategies firms formulate to rival competitors and maximise consumer engagement; specifically their utilisation of game theory and behavioural economics. He is also keen programmer and enjoys his squash.

Henry is particularly interested in how economics can help solve the challenges faced in many developing countries, in particular in Latin America. Henry is also an avid rugby and cricket player.